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Public Engagement

This page introduces Liang's public engagement as a researcher and a creative activist.


Fansplaining by Liang Ge


22 June 2022, Fansplaining, Podcast (in English): Danmei Culture in mainland China;

DoubleConsciousness podcast with Liang


3 May 2021, DoubleConsciousness, Podcast (in Mandarin): The Gendered Imagination of Coupling/Shipping Practices;



30 April 2021, LoudMurmurs, Podcast (in Mandarin): Word of Honor, Love for soft masculinities and the Chinese danmei-adapted web series;

Blog Writer

Public Activities

Executive Member

• Awarded the Grant for Global Change Project at King’s for organising regular activities concerning anti-racism and decolonizing the King’s

• Organised a series of workshops titled East and Southeast Asian Coffee Mornings for ESEA groups at King’s to share their concerns and discuss ideas collectively as regards fighting institutional racism against ESEA groups

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