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conference presentation

2022 International Communication Association (ICA), Paris

Presenter, Popular Media and Culture Group, Awarded USD 1200 Grant

ICA Paris 2022

2022 British Association of Chinese Studies (BACS), Oxford

Presenter, The Little Mushroom as the Queer/Wild in the panel Queer and Trans Figurations in Chinese Literature and Culture

Starry Night

2022 Media Materiality Conference, Tsinghua University, Beijing                              

Presenter, collaborated with Dr. Songyin Liu, London School of Economics

•Paper Titled: Liuli and Hun-Po-Body: Imagining the Fluid Body via the Dialogue between Posthumanism and Chinese Hun-Po Philosophy

ICA Paris 2022

2021 Queer Asia as Method Roundtable                           

•This roundtable conference is initiated by Dr. Victor Fan (KCL), Dr. Daniel Luther (LSE), Dr Hongwei Bao (Nottingham) and Liang Ge. This panel expands upon the works of scholars including Gayatri Spivak, Chen Kuan-hsing, Shui Shu-mei in thinking through the importance of decolonising our epistemes and methods of knowledge production.

• Hosted the Keynote Speaker Panel: Prof. Anjali Arondekar (UC Santa Cruz), Prof Geeta Patel (University of Virginia), Prof Petrus Liu (Boston University), and Prof Song Hwee Lim (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

ICA Paris 2022

2020 IAMCR Tampere (Online)                                          

Presenter, Gender and Communication Section

•Paper Titled: The Untamed: Women Who Indulging in Boys’ Love as Counter-publics

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